Thursday, June 21, 2018

Spelling Bee Contest

First of all, we would like to beg your pardon as we have been missing all this time. However, we were working all the time, and finally we finished our contest once again with too much success in participation and quality of the answers. 
Here you are the names of the final winners of our already 9th Spelling Bee Contest in Lope de Vega School:

‘Spelling Bee’ Contest 2018.

Winners   1er Cycle
1st Prize
Mario Sánchez Ávila (1º B)
Carmen Quesada Romero  (2º B)

2nd Prize
David Gamero Romero (1º C)
Irene Rodríguez Varo  (2º A)

Winners   2nd Cycle
1st Prize
Francisco Rodríguez Domínguez (4º A)
2nd Prize
Aítor  Jiménez Gallego  (3º B)

Winners 3rd Cycle
1st Prize
José Andrés Cano Herrera (5º A)
2nd Prize
África Baro Amaya (5º C)

We have uploaded some of the pictures that we took of the winners:

Here you are some of the presents to the winners:

Let's throw the dice and do additions!!

Three-year-old kids learnt how to add blocks of two different colours at Lope de Vega school at the end of the academic year. They learnt and had fun with their classmates.

Francisco Franco and a History

Thursday, May 17, 2018



In this Unit of Natural Science the course of 6C we  carry out electric circuits from different places: we observe the Eiffel Tower, a maritime landscape, the Giralda and the Big Ben.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

1,2,3. Let's do substractions

Students practice the names of the three first numbers with English songs, games and other different activities on worksheets.

After the students have learnt about numbers, they practise how to add and subtract numbers from 1 to 3.
When they are confident with those numbers, they practise the addition and the subtraction making groups of numbers using the group of the students in the classroom.

The students sing the song and play in the classroom:

Three little rabbits went out to play. 

 One little rabbit hop away.

How many rabbits are left now?  TWO

Two little rabbits went out to play.
One little rabbit hop away.

The little rabbit hop so high and said BYE.  

How many rabbits are left now?  ONE

One little rabbit went out to play.
The little rabbit hop away.

 The little rabbit hop so high and said BYE. 

How many rabbits are left now? NONE /ZERO

The students keep doing the same activity but now they sing and play a song about Easter.

Five Little Bunnies Song for Kids | Easter Bunny Song | Nursery Rhymes | The Kiboomers

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Easter Bunny and its spelling!!

Kids from the earliest levels practised the spelling of Bunny, the most famous rabbit at Easter.



In this Unit about Human Reproduction sixth C-graders have been able to see how we are chanching.

We show some of the final projects called: GROWING AND CHANGING.

They also made a series of interviews with friends and family of the same age to check what they feel about their changes.